How Our Website Works?

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How It Works

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Our Free Membership

In our free trial you can get 500 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours for Free. You have to sign in with your YouTube channel and by default you will be in trial mode. Once you login then find Subscribers button in dashboard menu, Click Subscribers button and you will see a list of subscribe buttons, click those buttons, subscribe all these channels. Once you subscribe to all channels in the list, in return we will provide 500 subscribers (For each person you subscribe, we will provide you 1 subscriber). For watch hours you have to click the Watch Hours button present in the dashboard menu. You will see a list of videos. Maximum number of videos in the list will be 10. These videos will be a maximum of 6 minutes. So it will take your 6 minutes. But in return you will get 1 watch hour. Once you watch these videos then refresh the page to get further video. Each time you watch this list of 10 videos, you will get 1 Watch Hours in return. You can do so until you get 4000 Watch Hours.
But note one thing, once you sign into dashboard, then click Submit Data button in dashboard menu, and submit there your video ID. Your video will be of 6 minutes or more. If you provide less than 6 minute long video then you will not get exact watch hours. Also Watch Full video given above.

Our PRO Membership

Once you buy our paid Plan. We will email you a Purchase Code within 24 hours. Login to our website and go to the Submit Data option in the menu. Submit your purchase code there to upgrade to PRO membership. Also submit a video ID of 6 minute or more than 6 minutes video.

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